The Computational Shared Facility 3

Logging in from OS-X and Linux

All logins to the CSF3 must be done with an SSH (secure shell) app. Linux and OS-X users will be able use the ssh command, which comes with all popular distributions of Linux and OS-X, run from a Terminal program:

  • On a Mac: Go > Utilities > Terminal
  • On Linux (gnome): Applications > System Tools > Terminal

From the terminal program, to connect to the CSF, for example:


Replace username with your central University username. Your password is your central IT Services password. You may then be presented with a 2FA stage.


If logging in from off-campus you will first need to be connected to the University VPN (GlobalProtect) – You may already connect to the University VPN in order to access your email.

  • University managed laptops already have the GlobalProtect software installed. You can also download it and run it on your home PC/laptop.
  • If not already installed, please install the IT Services VPN Software (GlobalProtect) on your home PC/laptop.
  • This facility is provided by IT Services (not Research IT). Requests for help with the VPN and/or GlobalProtect should be made to via the Support Portal.


If on-campus you will need to authenticate using your 2FA device.

If you use the Duo mobile app as your 2FA device, Enter ‘1’ at the prompt and press Enter. Once the push notification has been received via the Duo mobile app ‘Approve’ the request in order to log on.

$ ssh
Enter a passcode or select one of the following options: 

1. Duo Push to +XX XXXX XXX555

Passcode or option (1-1):1


If you use a Duo fob as your 2FA device, generate a passcode with the fob, type the passcode at the prompt and press Enter

$ ssh
Duo two-factor login for username

Passcode: 123456

To run GUI apps on the CSF

You need functionality known as X windows. This is available on Linux by default.

On a MAC you need to install Xquartz.

Then to run a GUI application on the CSF please add -X to your command line. e.g.

$ ssh -X

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