Research Infrastructure

VM and Container Image Library

  • Do you have trouble setting up Linux/MS Windows in a VM on your PC?
  • Do you find problems moving a computational workflow from desktop or laptop to The CSF or to AWS/Azure?
  • Do you find managing R or Python modules a frustrating experience? A program works on your machine but not on your collaborators?

Research IT are exploring the idea of building and hosting a library of VM images, and container (Docker/Singularity) images. These will be available to all UoM Researchers, and their collaborators, and could include:

  • Fully-supported Linux (Ubuntu LTS and CentOS/Scientific Linux) images.
  • Supported VMs/containers containing common software stacks used for data science, such as R and Python, each with commonly used modules/libraries ready-loaded.
  • A bioinformatics image.

Would this be of help to you in your research? What else would you like to see? Please get in touch!

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