National HPC (Tier-1) and Tier-2 Support


If your computational requirements have grown beyond what on-site University platforms can provide, then the UK Tier-1 and Tier-2 platforms may offer a solution. We aim to help you:

  • apply for time on these platforms;
  • run jobs and optimise performance of your code too.

For more information about the platforms, please see the sections below.

If you would like advice or help regarding Tier-1 and/or Tier-2, please contact us at:

National Service: ARCHER2 (Tier-1)

7/10/2021: The latest EPSRC Access to HPC call has been opened today, for access to tier 1 ARCHER2 and tier 2 systems with a range of architectures for different computational needs. More info on the ARCHER2 news page.

The ARCHER2 platform (based at Edinburgh) comprises 5,860 compute nodes each with dual AMD EPYC Zen2 (Rome) 64 core processors, i.e., a total of 750,080 cores. All nodes are connected by Cray low-latency/high-bandwidth Slingshot interconnect. ARCHER2:

  • is ideal for running large, parallel (i.e., true HPC) computational jobs
  • it is not suitable for single-node high-memory work

Please see the ARCHER2 access page for how time on the system can be applied for.

N8-CIR (formerly N8-HPC)

The original N8-HPC platform, Polaris, has now been decommissioned. A new GPU cluster, Bede, containing 128 Nvidia V100 GPUs and IBM Power9 CPUs for multi-node GPU capable applications is now available! Please see our Bede page for more details.

Tier-2 Platforms

The following is a list of the EPSRC-funded Tier-2 services:

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