Research Infrastructure

Research Infrastructure People for Hire!

Need IT infrastructure support for your research project? Research IT now offers systems administrators for hire!

Members of the Research Infrastructure team are IT professionals with particular expertise in the development, configuration, maintenance and operation of computer systems for research, especially multi-user platforms.

They can help with such things as:

  • development and support of an infrastructure solution for your particular project, i.e., dedicated servers, VMs, storage and networking;
  • migration of data and services from legacy hardware to IT Services-supported platforms.

The University provides baseline IT facilities and support for research. Over and above this, both must be paid for — costed into research grant applications. For example, over 90% of the Computational Shared Facility has been paid for by funds from academic research grants.

Research IT has been hiring out Research Software Engineers (RSEs) for some time to work on projects. We are now able to hire out Research System Administrators, i.e., infrastructure people, too!

Advantages of Hiring from Research IT

  • You can hire a fraction of an FTE, for example, 0.5 FTE for six months, 0.2 FTE for five years, or 0.5 FTE for three years.
  • A Research IT sysadmin is part of a highly-skilled, team of experienced people. Your sysadmin will have direct access to the team, their skills and knowledge, and can call upon all for help, if required.

Writing a Grant Application? Get in Contact

If you are writing a grant application and would like to make use of the above service, please get in contact:

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