Research Infrastructure

National HPC (Tier-1) and Tier-2 Support

We are pleased to announce that there has recently been a significant investment in The Central Shared Facility, The CSF, with over 1000 CPU cores and 16 Nvidia V100 GPUs coming online in the next few weeks — and further investment coming in the next few months!

We realise that for some UoM researchers this still won’t meet their requirements and they will have out-grown the on-site platforms, such as the CSF. Also some researchers may have specialist requirements which are as yet unmet by local resources.

In order to tackle this the Research Infrastructure Team is launching a National HPC (Tier-1) and Tier-2 Support Service aimed at helping University researchers use and make better use of the national HPC services – ARCHER, the UK national HPC service; and the EPSRC Tier-2 services.

The service will:

  • offer help to University researchers applying to gain access to these services (e.g., by using knowledge and experience from successful applications);
  • and also provide support for their use, from job submission to optimisation of workflows and code.

If you would like to find out more, please visit the service Web page, or email the RI Team

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