Research Infrastructure

Four-Year Post (G7)

We will be recruiting two people in the near future to The Research Infrastructure Team, within Research IT. These are initially funded until 31 July 2022.

In particular, we are looking for one individual with significant experience in looking after research IT infrastructure (e.g., HPC systems) with a salary up to approx. 49k pounds.

The team currently numbers 14, with one recruitment in progress, plus the above two in addition. We run on-site HPC and HTC (Condor), Research Data Storage, a dedicated Research VM platform, a Data Safe Haven and are becoming increasingly involved in N8-HPC as it develops into Phase Two; we also have a number of soft-funded roles working part-time or full-time for particular research groups; and our role in Research Data Management is also expanding — there is opportunity to get involved in a very wide variety of things!

User support and a high level of “customer” service is a key element of these roles — we support a very diverse user-base: we are not just HPC specialists!

Interested, or know someone who may be? Please contact Dr Simon Hood via

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