Research Infrastructure

Research Virtual Desktop (NX & x2go)

Virtual Desktop Overview

A Virtual Desktop Service for users of the CSF, and other research computing facilities in the CIR Ecosystem administered by IT Services, is available. This service allows users to:

  1. access the CSF/iCSF/Hydra (or other facility) from anywhere in the world via a Linux GNOMEv2 desktop environment without needing to install linux on their own system (a small remote-desktop client does need to be installed);
  2. login to the CSF/iCSF/Hydra (or other facility) from their office computer and begin work, then switch off this office machine, go home and reconnect to the session from home, carrying on from where they left off (anything that was running will still be there, as though they had never left the office!);
  3. do interactive work over slow Internet connections from off-campus almost as conveniently as if working on campus.

It is envisaged that this service will be of particular interest to those who use the iCSF and those who frequently do GUI-based work on the CSF, for example with Abaqus, Fluent or Star-CCM+.

If you wish to register to use this service, please email

Virtual Desktop: X2GO

The current method of connecting to the virtual desktop from your machines is to use X2GO:

  • X2GO – Free software, no SSH key needed, easy to install. We recommend this version. See our X2GO setup instructions.

Virtual Desktop: NX — legacy method

We continue to offer the legacy NX service:

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