Research Infrastructure

Connecting from a Linux or MAC PC/laptop

All user connections to CIR systems are by means of an SSH client. Linux and OS-X users will be able to login using ssh, which comes with all popular distributions of Linux and with OS-X, from a Terminal program:

  • On a Mac: Go > Utilities > Terminal
  • On Linux (gnome): Applications > System Tools > Terminal

From the terminal program, to connect to the CSF, for example:

    # ...replacing username with your username (e.g., mpqrxyz8)
    # ...replacing csf3 with one of the hostnames below if required

at the command-line.

If you intend to use GUI programs on the CSF (e.g., gedit which is a simple text editor similar to Notepad on windows) then you should use:

ssh -X
     # UPPERcase X !!

Mac users will need to install XQuartz before using this method.

To access other Linux-based CIR system on which you have been given an account simply replace any occurrences of

with the hostname of the system you wish to access, for example:

System Hostname used for access
iCSF (see here for others)
SSH gateways

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