Research Infrastructure

Connecting to CIR Systems


All computationally intensive research systems (such as the CSF, iCSF and Zrek) are accessed in the same way. The following applies to all such systems:

  • When on campus: Users can access the systems from any University of Manchester campus IP address, including from UoM and Eduroam wi-fi. There is no need to use the VPN when on campus.
  • When off campus: For security the compute systems cannot be directly accessed from locations outside of the University of Manchester; nor can they directly access resources external to the University of Manchester. However, off-campus access is possible indirectly. You must use either the University VPN or log in to one of our gateways. Please see the off-campus access instructions for how to use either of these methods.

You should then follow the instructions for your computer (Linux/Mac or Windows) by selecting one of the pages from the menu on the left.

Logging Out

Once you have finished using the systems you should logout (so as not to waste system resources and also for security reasons). You can log out by using either of the following commands:

  • logout
  • exit

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