Research Virtual Machine Service

Should I ask for a research VM?

I am a colleague in IT Services…

No. Please raise a Support Centre ticket and assign it to the IT Services Infrastructure Manager.

I am an academic lead…

I want a Web site — including WordPress and WikiMedia
Update, 2018 March: There is now a centrally-run WordPress service.

Mostly static websites, that do not need access to project Research Data Storage (RDS), can likely be provided by one of the Comms and Marketing teams via the web farms on campus:

I want a Subversion/GIT respository
Please check to see if your needs can be met by the Source Code Management service.
I want to run a SQL database
Small databases may be run within a VM located on the virtual disk(s). Larger databases will need to be located on network-attached storage from the RDS, so performance may be an issue.
I need to do some computation
No, these VMs are not suitable for computationally-intensive work. Please consider other options including the CSF, iCSF or Condor.
…please go ahead!

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