High Throughput Computing using Condor

Intel Compiler Suite


The Intel Compilers are highly optimizing Fortran, C and C++ compilers that are suitable for both Intel and AMD processors. They include features such as OpenMP and auto vectorisation which allow programmers to easily take advantage of modern, multi-core processors. The compilers are supplied with the Intel Math Kernel Libraries which are highly optimized versions of the BLAS and LAPACK linear algebra libraries.

Restrictions on use/License information

The University has a license for the Intel compiler suite. The Intel compilers are available to any student or member of staff of the University of Manchester for the purpose of the normal business of the University. Such use includes research, personal development and administration and management of the university. The software may not be used for research, consultancy or services leading to commercial exploitation of the software.

Versions installed

Intel compiler version HTCondor ClassAd
11.1 HAS_INTEL_11_1
13.0.1 HAS_INTEL_13_0
15.0.3 HAS_INTEL_15_0

Set up procedure on submit node

You will need to load the module file for the version of the Intel compilers you wish to use whenever you want to compile code or run executables you’ve compiled. To load the module file:

module load intel_compilers/v11.1.075


module load intel_compilers/v13.0.1


module load intel_compilers/v15.0.3

Running the application

Running programs compiled using the Intel compiler suite is simply a matter of submitting the job file with a suitable submit file.

Universe = vanilla

Requirements = (Target.Opsys == "LINUX" && Target.Arch == "X86_64" && HAS_INTEL_15=?=True)
Request_Memory = 1000

Log = intel.log
Output = intel.out
Error = intel.error
Notification = Error

Should_Transfer_Files = Yes
When_To_Transfer_Output = ON_EXIT

Executable = <intel_executable>
Transfer_Executable = True
Transfer_Input_Files = <optional input files>


If your submit file is called submit.txt then your job can be submitted to HTCondor using the command condor_submit submit.txt.

Sample Intel compiler suite HTCondor jobs

  1. C++ code for printing “Hello World”.


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