Research Infrastructure

Using the DSH Secure File Transfer Service

Sensitive data upload

Once you have a data store established in the DSH, you will need to upload your data. One of our team will assist you with this.
All data uploads to the DSH must be done through the DSH upload Virtual Machine ‘VM’. Access will only be granted for short periods – to arrange a time for access, email All sensitive data should be downloaded from source directly to the upload VM and from there transferred to the DSH using the Secure Transfer Service (see below).

To connect to the DSH upload VM:

  • Agree a time to be permitted access.
  • Register with Duo for 2FA. To do this please visit the IT Account Manager site.
  • Connect to to the UoM Global Protect VPN. If you experience issues, be sure to use the latest GP client.
  • Start a Remote Desktop Connection to

    (the upload VM), with DS\username and your UoM password. Do not check the ‘remember me’ box. Two-factor authentication via the Duo phone app is required.

Once connected to the DSH upload VM, from there upload data using the Secure Transfer Service:

  • Go to (Google Chrome is fine)
  • Enter your usual University login details into the login screen (may require DS\username)
  • A passcode prompt will appear. Enter a question mark (?) into the empty field.
  • Select an authentication option. Enter the number into the empty field and click Submit.



Duo Push (smartphone) 1
Phone call 2
SMS passcode (SMS text message) 3
Duo key fob Enter the code you received
  • If using the phone call or SMS options, enter the code you received into the empty field.
  • When you have successfully logged into the Secure Transfer Service, you will be presented with the file transfer portal. Click the Upload button.
  • Browse your local machine and select the file you want to upload. Uploaded files will be placed in the DSH at ‘D:\UserPD\username\Secure Transfer‘. They should later be moved by yourself to the relevant project folder.
  • Sensitive data must then be deleted using Blancco, the Data Destruction Certificate should be emailed to yourself and saved in your IG Master File.
  • To access files uploaded into the DSH, see Accessing data in the DSH.

***PLEASE NOTE*** Only the PI and Study IG Lead are authorised to move data in or out of the DSH. This will be recorded in the study System Level Security Policy (SLSP). The SLSP will also stipulate whether the PI or Study IG Lead can or cannot access the DSH off UoM premises.

Non-sensitive data upload

For non-sensitive data you wish to upload, a video conference is not required, neither is use of the DSH upload VM. You may use from your home computer.

If this is not accessible when connected with GlobalProtect, try this may be necessary due to the way your home ISP handles DNS.

Please note all data to be added to the DSH must be preceded by a support ticket request to add data and will then be first approved by RGEIT.

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