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Important news and announcements — including information about outages — are given immediately below for all RI Team services. Such information will also be disseminated via user email lists, where appropriate.

Details of system changes and updates about ongoing issues for each RI Team service are posted further down the page, in the appropriate section.

RI Support During the on-going Coronavirus Pandemic

05.01.2021: Please note that the Research Infrastructure Team members are still working from home. If you need help using CSF, iCSF, RDS, condor and related services please email – someone will be on duty as usual Monday-Friday during normal work hours and will log a ticket via which to provide assistance.

Accessing our services from Off Campus

Working from home / off campus: please read our Working from Home documentation for how to access the CSF (and friends) and storage (RDS) from off-campus.

This page also addresses some common problems when GlobalProtect is running.

Current Services’ Status

Friday 16th July PM – CSF4 – we are aware of issues with the startup/shutdown of some batch jobs. This is being investigated. We apologise for any inconvenience caused and will post an update as soon as we can.

Tues 18th July AM – some of the issues have been resolved, but we are aware of some people not being able to submit and some jobs having an odd status in the queue. We are working to fix these as quickly as possible.

Tues 18th July 14:00 BATCH ISSUE ON CSF4 RESOLVED – we believe all is functioning normally again. Please do let us know if you still run into problems. Apologies for the inconvenience caused.

Information for CSF3 & CSF4 users who connect using MOBAXTERM and are unable to see the left hand file browser pane

Some users have reported to us that mobaxterm is not displaying their files in left hand pane. We have investigated this and found that it can be resolved by making a connection using a saved SSH Session. We have updated the Logging in from Windows documentation with information on how to do this.

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CSF Updates

Permanent notice: Scratch files over THREE months old being deleted

Scratch is not intended for long-term storage of files. Files over THREE months old are deleted. All users should regularly tidy up their scratch files to avoid data loss. Full details about the policy.

If you have any questions about this policy, please email

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RVMS Updates:


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