iCSF - interactive Computational Shared Facility (aka Incline)

User Accounts

Requesting an Account

Check with your Supervisor or Project Investigator (PI) that they are a contributor and then fill in the HPC Help form requesting an account on the iCSF (aka Incline). Please provide the following information:

  • The name of the system you wish to access – in this case the iCSF
  • A brief description of why you want to use the iCSF
  • your University IT Username (not password)
  • your library card number
  • the name of your PI/supervisor/line manager

There is some limited ‘free at the point of use’ access if your are not part of a contributing group.


Vistors to, and collaborators with, contributing research groups may have access to the iCSF provided they have been registered by the Principal Investigator/an Academic Sponsor with Human Resources (or Student Administration) at the University of Manchester.

Faculty/School administration teams can advise on how to do this. Please note: the Research Infrastructure team/IT Services cannot register your visitor with H.R. The sponsoring academic must do this through their school.

Please start this process as soon as possible to ensure that everything is in place in plenty of time. The HR & student administration systems feeds into the IT user database and automatically generates a University IT Username. Visitors/collaborators must complete IT Sign Up and agree to the University IT policies before their username is registered onto the iCSF.

Access to some software on the iCSF may not be possible, or extra conditions may apply, depending on the software license. All users of the iCSF must adhere to software licenses.

Extensions to user accounts

Your University IT Username will expire at the end of your course or contract. You will then automatically lose access to all UoM systems, including the iCSF. If you have a requirement to continue accessing the iCSF (and other IT systems) then your Project Investigator/supervisor must arrange with their local administration team to have your HR/student record extended for an appropriate period of time. When that has been done the IT user database will be updated automatically and you’ll be able to login to the iCSF (and other IT systems.)

The Research Infrastructure Team cannot do the IT Account ectension. This must be done through your school and H.R.

Please note that we do not automatically delete your account / files from the iCSF. Hence any delay in extending your IT account will not be disastrous – your files and data will still be there once your account extension comes through.

IT Policies and Regulations

All users must have completed IT Sign Up to be granted an account on the iCSF and follow IT policies and regulations.

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