Introduction to the CSF Course Materials

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If you have any problems downloading the files below, please try

Reminder: The main CSF online docs are at: We will refer to this site during the course.

Zoom Online Course Delivery

Please read the Zoom online course prerequisites (PDF) for what to do before the course takes place, and for details on how the course will be run.

Course Notes and Practicals

Practical sessions 4 and 5 are documented in the slides.

MacOS XQuartz must be installed before logging in to the CSF using ssh on a Mac. Please reboot your Mac after installing it.

Course Feedback

Please provide course feeback via this form.

Outside of the Course

Please note: If you are not attending a classroom or Zoom instance of this course please remove

#$ -l course
from all jobscripts used in the examples before you submit them to the CSF - they will not run if you leave this in when outside of a course session.

Other Useful Links

The following may be of interest to people using the CSF, but they are not prerequisites of the course.