High Throughput Computing using Condor

Logging in from Windows

All logins to Condor must be done with an SSH (secure shell) app. On Windows we highly recommend the free MobaXterm program, from Mobatek, (installation instructions given below) which provides everything needed to login to Condor, run graphical programs and transfer files. It replaces the separate PuTTY, Xming and WinSCP programs we used to recommend.

Installation of MobaXterm is quick and simple and you do not require administrator access to your PC (simply download and extract a .zip file). Please follow the steps below.

Download and Install MobaXterm

Please visit the MobaXterm download page and download one of the following packages:

  • MobaXterm Home Edition (portable edition) – RECOMMENDED – a .zip file which can be unpacked anywhere without needing the Administrator password (ideal for your P-Drive for example).
    1. Right-click on the downloaded .zip file
    2. Select Extract all…
      (note, you must do an Extract all…, simply double-clicking on the .zip file to browse the content will not install the software correctly!)
    3. This will create a MobaXterm_vX.Y folder containing the software (the X.Y numbers will change depending on the current version downloaded). Make a note of where this folder is (your Desktop? Your P-Drive? Your Downloads folder?)
  • MobaXterm Home Edition (installer edition) – NOT recommended for campus PCs / University laptops, but can be installed on a personal laptop not owned by the University – requires Administrator password to install. If you do wish to do an administrator install, run the installer and follow any instructions.
    • This will put the MobaXterm Personal Edition icon on your dekstop (and in the Start Menu)

That’s it – the software is installed.

Running MobaXterm

    1. Start MobaXterm Personal Edition either from
      • the MobaXterm_vX.Y folder created when you extracted the .zip – launch the MobaXterm_Personal_X.Y application (if you used the .zip file)
      • the Start menu (if you used the administrator installer)
    2. Hit the Start local terminal button in the main panel of the MobaXterm window:
      Start local terminal button
      (If you do not see this button you have not installed MobaXterm correctly – the most likely issue is you have not extracted the .zip but instead have simply double-clicked on it to browse the contents of the .zip file. This is NOT a correct installation – see above.)
    3. The MobaXterm main window giving a linux shell on your local PC will start.Enter the ssh command (see image below):
      ssh username@submitter.itservices.manchester.ac.uk

      to log in to Condor. Replace username with your central University username.

  • Enter your central University IT password when asked (characters will not appear on screen as you type them for security)
  • You will be asked if you want to save your password in MobaXterm. We recommend you do not save your password for security
  • You are now logged in to Condor’s login node. Linux commands can be run as normal.


To run GUI apps on Condor

If you intend to use GUI programs on Condor (e.g., gedit which is a simple text editor similar to Notepad on Windows) then you don’t need to do anything further – this all works by default when using MobaXterm.

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