Subject: UK eScience CA - New Issued Certificate (Serial: 11160)

  Dear Customer,

  Your certificate with the serial number 11160 and the DN:

  /C=UK/O=eScience/OU=Manchester/L=MC/CN=joe bloggs

  has just been generated by the UK e-Science CA.  You can import it
  directly into the same browser you requested the certificate from by
  following this link:

  You can also do this by going to and
  clicking on "Retrieve New Certificate" and entering the serial
  number: 11160 and email address:

  Please don't forget to install the new CA certificates! To download
  them please go to the CA website ( and
  click "CA Info"->"Get CA certificates".  On this page click both the
  "CA certificate" and "Root certificate" links under "[Browser
  importable format]".  For more information see the CA user
  documentation at:

  Firefox Users
  Please note that Firefox does not indicate once a certificate has been
  imported.  This is normal behaviour - your new certificate should
  still be accessible from the Firefox Certificate Manager.

  Exporting Certificate
  If you need to use the certificate with other tools, including the
  Globus toolkit, it will have to be exported from your browser.  Please
  refer to the documentation on the Grid support web site:

  If you have any questions, concerns or comments, then we shall be
  pleased to hear them.  We are always aiming to improve our service,
  and so your feedback will be appreciated.

  Yours Sincerely

  Grid Operations Support Centre