zCSF - Emerging Technology (aka Zrek)

Current Hardware

The zCSF (Zrek) currently comprises:

Host Technology Host Info Contributor
Besso Nvidia K40c — two cards,
(Nvidia C2075 has been retired)
192GB RAM Host (and previous C2075): John Brooke (IT Services).

K40c: Nvidia and Ben Rogers (MACE)
Kaiju1, Kaiju2, Kaiju3, Kaiju4, Kaiju5
(kaiju2 and one GPU in kaiju3 are no longer available)
Each server hosts two Nvidia K20 cards (ten cards in total) 32GB RAM Richard Bryce (Pharmacy), Carlos Avendano, the Faculty of Humanities and the School of Chemsitry
Kaiju101 Two Nvidia K20 cards with CUDA P2P support via IOH (Dell T630 box) 16GB RAM Ben Rogers (MACE)
(These old Phis are now retired)
Intel Xeon Phi (7120p) — two cards 32GB RAM EPS, Humanities, Ser-huang Poon (MBS)
(This FPGA is retired)
Maxeler FPGA Ser-huang Poon (MBS)
Namazu Nallatech FPGA 32GB RAM Dave Topping (SEAES)

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