Research Infrastructure

Data extraction from the DSH

All data to be downloaded from the Data Safe Haven, whether sensitive or not, must first be requested (via the support portal) and then approved (usually by Research Governance) before the user may download their data from the DSH.

The steps are as follows.

  1. A portal request is made, Request type: “Remove data from an existing DSH/DSH+ project”. Filenames should be listed and a brief description of contents included.
  2. Research IT clarify the request if necessary, then forward for approval. Typically the authorization is provided by Research Governance (email:
  3. Once Research Governance have replied, this will be visible in the support portal request.
  4. If approved, then Research IT will contact the requester to schedule a time for data extraction.
  5. The user will then copy the agreed (and only agreed!) files to their “H:\Secure Transfer” folder on the DSH
  6. When download access is enabled for the scheduled time window, the user can download the data via (select file(s), click download at the bottom of the page).
  7. The user notifies Research IT immediately (via the portal) that the download is complete and RIT disable user download ability and send the relevant transfer logs to Research Governance.
  8. The user should remove any files from their “H:\Secure Transfer” folder on the DSH as housekeeping.

Please note, attempting to download without the download enabled will result in receiving only empty files.


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