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iCSF Graphics/Viz Capability

Monday, April 7th, 2014

The iCSF now has a graphics/viz. capability. This capability is based on three AMD GPUs and works with a new Research Virtual Desktop Service (RVMS) node which is tied closely to iCSF nodes: the network latency between this RVMS node and the GPU host is low; and bandwidth is high and uncontended. Furthermore, network traffic from RVMS node to users’ desktop is heavily compressed (the RVMS uses NX/X2GO). The combination of these features means that.. Read more »

Interactive Compute Facility (Incline/iCSF) Now in Production

Friday, November 8th, 2013

The INteractive Computational LINux Environment, INCLINE (aka the iCSF) is now in production. The Computational Shared Facility (CSF) has been a great success, but is configured primarily for batch work; interactive (e.g., GUI-based) work can be done, but an environment designed for development, testing and post-processing will be more productive — INCLINE is such a service. Sustainability &mdash Financial Model INCLINE works on the same financial model as the CSF: More Information For more information,.. Read more »